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15/11/2021 - Albyn Medical is now Creo Medical

Albyn Medical has become part of the Creo Medical Group and will soon rebrand as Creo Medical.
The combined strength of this new partnership will provide an unrivalled, one-stop solution to our customers in the fields of Gastroenterology, Urology and Endoscopy. We’ll continue to build on our strong client partnerships and firmly believe that Albyn’s unbeatable customer service, allied to Creo’s outstanding innovation-led approach, will deliver a unique and winning combination to our customers. And we will now introduce Creo’s suite of ground-breaking, advanced energy devices to our growing product portfolio. Our Kamaptive Technology is already changing the face of therapeutic endoscopy procedures and delivering safer outcomes for patients, clinicians and hospitals. Welcome to a new technology and a bigger and better Albyn. Welcome to Creo Medical.

Please watch this short video to find out more.