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Control Document ELSP01 – V6.0 // 09-01-2023

Creo Medical and its subsidiaries, are committed to safeguarding the principle of applying ethical labour standards, both directly in our company and throughout our supply chain. To help achieve this, we shall comply with both employments & human rights legislation and other relevant voluntary obligations; and encourage suppliers to ensure that their relevant national employment legislations are upheld.

The scope of this policy primarily relates to our supply chain for the UK National Health Service (NHS) amongst others, and in particular, the following framework agreement that applies to Creo Medical SL:

– “Designing and Manufacturing Urology, Endoscopy and Gastroenterology products, as well as distributing all kind of Endoscopy Accessories”

In addition to compliance with the main principles within the NHS Supplier Code of Conduct and for the sake of completeness, we will endeavour to consider all aspects of enhanced labour standards for our medical device activities.

These minimum standards we require typically include the following:

  • Elimination of forced or compulsory labour (ETI Base Code No.1)
  • Allow freedom of association and agree workers’ rights to collective bargaining (ETI Base Code No.2)
  • Improve health & safety in the work place (ETI Base Code No.3)
  • Abolition of child labour (ETI Base Code No.4)
  • Provide a fair living wage (remuneration) to the worker (ETI Base Code No.5)
  • Work within the legal limits of maximum working hours (ETI Base Code No.6)
  • Eradicate discriminative practices (ETI Base Code No.7)
  • The provision of regular employment (ETI Base Code No.8)
  • Not to adopt physical or sexual abuses (ETI Base Code No.9)

For additional information and clarity, these standards shall be read in-conjunction with theETI Base Code.

To achieve our policy, we shall:

  • Train our staff relating to the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) Base Code
  • Communicate to all interested parties (suppliers, contractors etc.) our labour standards policy and requirements
  • To set objectives and targets for the continual improvement of our Labour Standards Assurance System
  • To annually review this ethical labour standards policy to ensure it remains adequate, suitable and effective
  • To arrange for our Labour Standards Assurance System to be periodically verified

Creo Medical complies with all local and international labour laws where we do business and operate.

Our objective is to continually improve upon our minimum labour standards, with specific and additional objectives and targets set, which include:

  • A continuous confirmation from new Key suppliers that they comply with the minimum standards.
  • To continuous with Level 2 against the NHS Labour Standards Assurance System by 2023.
  • To Comply with the requirements established with the LSAS Level 2 during 2023
  • A continuous effort to involve Supply Change within an improvement process of their labour standards.

To achieve this, Creo Medical will provide adequate resources in terms of both allocating a financial budget and, to make available time to continually main this LSAS.


Luis I. Collantes
Creo Medical

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