Injection Needles

  • Disposable

  • Range of lengths

  • Range of diameters

    (Only available in United Kingdom)
Part NumberDescription  
  Ø1.8mm, for working channels ≥ Ø2.0mm. Needle 21 gauge
FST-IN-1821-4-165 165cm, needle 4mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1821-5-165 165cm, needle 5mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1821-6-165 165cm, needle 6mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1821-8-165 165cm, needle 8mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1821-4-180 180cm, needle 4mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1821-5-180 180cm, needle 5mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1821-6-180 180cm, needle 6mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1821-8-180 180cm, needle 8mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1821-4-210 210cm, needle 4mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1821-5-210 210cm, needle 5mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1821-6-210 210cm, needle 6mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1821-8-210 210cm, needle 8mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1821-4-230 230cm, needle 4mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1821-5-230 230cm, needle 5mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1821-6-230 230cm, needle 6mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1821-8-230 230cm, needle 8mm, pk/10
  Ø1.8mm, for working channels ≥ Ø2.0mm. Needle 23 gauge
FST-IN-1823-4-165 165cm, needle 4mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1823-5-165 165cm, needle 5mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1823-6-165 165cm, needle 6mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1823-8-165 165cm, needle 8mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1823-4-180 180cm, needle 4mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1823-5-180 180cm, needle 5mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1823-6-180 180cm, needle 6mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1823-8-180 180cm, needle 8mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1823-4-210 210cm, needle 4mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1823-5-210 210cm, needle 5mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1823-6-210 210cm, needle 6mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1823-8-210 210cm, needle 8mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1823-4-230 230cm, needle 4mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1823-5-230 230cm, needle 5mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1823-6-230 230cm, needle 6mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1823-8-230 230cm, needle 8mm, pk/10
  Ø1.8mm, for working channels ≥ Ø2.0mm. Needle 25 gauge
FST-IN-1825-4-165 165cm, needle 4mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1825-5-165 165cm, needle 5mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1825-6-165 165cm, needle 6mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1825-8-165 165cm, needle 8mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1825-4-180 180cm, needle 4mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1825-5-180 180cm, needle 5mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1825-6-180 180cm, needle 6mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1825-8-180 180cm, needle 8mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1825-4-210 210cm, needle 4mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1825-5-210 210cm, needle 5mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1825-6-210 210cm, needle 6mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1825-8-210 210cm, needle 8mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1825-4-230 230cm, needle 4mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1825-5-230 230cm, needle 5mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1825-6-230 230cm, needle 6mm, pk/10
FST-IN-1825-8-230 230cm, needle 8mm, pk/10
  Ø2.3mm, for working channels ≥ Ø2.8mm. Needle 21 gauge
FST-IN-2321-4-165 165cm, needle 4mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2321-5-165 165cm, needle 5mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2321-6-165 165cm, needle 6mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2321-8-165 165cm, needle 8mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2321-4-180 180cm, needle 4mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2321-5-180 180cm, needle 5mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2321-6-180 180cm, needle 6mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2321-8-180 180cm, needle 8mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2321-4-210 210cm, needle 4mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2321-5-210 210cm, needle 5mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2321-6-210 210cm, needle 6mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2321-8-210 210cm, needle 8mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2321-4-230 230cm, needle 4mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2321-5-230 230cm, needle 5mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2321-6-230 230cm, needle 6mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2321-8-230 230cm, needle 8mm, pk/10
  Ø2.3mm, for working channels ≥ Ø2.8mm. Needle 23 gauge
FST-IN-2323-4-165 165cm, needle 4mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2323-5-165 165cm, needle 5mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2323-6-165 165cm, needle 6mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2323-8-165 165cm, needle 8mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2323-4-180 180cm, needle 4mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2323-5-180 180cm, needle 5mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2323-6-180 180cm, needle 6mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2323-8-180 180cm, needle 8mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2323-4-210 210cm, needle 4mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2323-5-210 210cm, needle 5mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2323-6-210 210cm, needle 6mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2323-8-210 210cm, needle 8mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2323-4-230 230cm, needle 4mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2323-5-230 230cm, needle 5mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2323-6-230 230cm, needle 6mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2323-8-230 230cm, needle 8mm, pk/10
  Ø2.3mm, for working channels ≥ Ø2.8mm. Needle 25 gauge
FST-IN-2325-4-165 165cm, needle 4mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2325-5-165 165cm, needle 5mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2325-6-165 165cm, needle 6mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2325-8-165 165cm, needle 8mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2325-4-180 180cm, needle 4mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2325-5-180 180cm, needle 5mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2325-6-180 180cm, needle 6mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2325-8-180 180cm, needle 8mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2325-4-210 210cm, needle 4mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2325-5-210 210cm, needle 5mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2325-6-210 210cm, needle 6mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2325-8-210 210cm, needle 8mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2325-4-230 230cm, needle 4mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2325-5-230 230cm, needle 5mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2325-6-230 230cm, needle 6mm, pk/10
FST-IN-2325-8-230 230cm, needle 8mm, pk/10