SmartGI AR

SmartGI Anorectal Manometry System

Over two decades of experience and customer feedback has been incorporated in the design of our new SmartGI GI Motility System to create the most innovative system available today.

Fully automated study protocols and analysis, provide quantifiable and reproducible results - whilst minimizing the time the clinician/operator has to spend controlling the system software.

More accurate analysis results can now be easily obtained, taking the operator less time and effort than with conventional manometry systems!

Complete studies may be remote-controlled by means of a foot switch, leaving hands free to position catheter and attend to patient.

With SmartGI, GI motility studies just got easier, and better...

Trolley based system for Ano-rectal motility studies.

PC based, using up-to-date specification (please enquire for latest specification)
Windows platform, MS SQL Server 2000 database
Integral perfusion pump
Network capable

Three-way foot pedal allowing remote control of study. This important feature allows the clinician to have both hands free during the study, to control catheter position and other patient operations.

Lower GI studies
Rectal profile (rest + squeeze)
Recto anal inhibitory reflex (RAIR) assessment
Rectal sensitivity test
Sustained squeeze analysis
Vector volume analysis

Part NumberDescription  
989R0000 SmartGI - Anorectal motility system
98900000 SmartGI - Combined Oesophageal / Anorectal motility system
00004329 Laptop PC for SmartGI
00004616 EMG module (wireless)
00004820 Biofeedback software (uses wireless EMG module)
00004398 Foot pedal, 3-way remote control
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Vector volume analysis
'Walkthrough' window - guides user through study