Isolab HR

High Resolution Manometry (HRM) is the latest advance in oesophageal function testing.

The ISOLAB HRM system from Standard Instruments offers the full benefits of HRM alongside conventional manometry capability.

The 36 pressure sensors span the oesophagus from the UOS to the LOS.

Once positioned, further movement is unnecessary improving patient comfort, reducing study times and improving diagnostic accuracy.

  • Simplified and faster data collection
  • Whole oesophagus (UOS to LOS) studied without moving the catheter
  • Easier interpretation with colour contour plot presentation
  • Rapid switching between colour contour plot and conventional line plot
  • 36-sensor solid state catheter
    • Circumferential pressure sensors
    • 1cm sensor separation
  • Free standing or cart based systems available
  • Compatible with conventional water perfused or tip transducer manometry for oesophageal or anorectal manometry

ViMeDat Software Features
ViMeDat GI Display, Analysis and Report Generation Software.

  • Easy identification of upper and lower oesophageal sphincters Automatic detection of swallows
  • Quick and easy manual editing
  • Optional line graph, contour plot or combined data presentation
  • Customisable reports
Part NumberDescription  
96100005 ISOLAB High Resolution Manometry System
  Note: PC & trolley are not included.
96100006 Oesophageal Solid State 36 Channel Catheter, circumferential sensors
96100007 Anorectal Solid State 8 Channel Catheter, circumferential sensors, with integrated balloon entry
96100001 VIDEMAT software package license (5 installations)
ISOLAB from Standard Instruments
36 channel solid-state catheter (circumferential pressure sensors)