Colon transit markers

A diagnostic aid which has been developed in order to investigate the passage of contents within the colon.

Six Gelatin capsules, each containing 10 radio-opaque polyurethane markers containing 40% barium sulphate (USP).

The capsules are numbered and each contain markers of different shapes (rods, spheres, rings, cubes etc).

This 6 capsules are swallowed in the numbered sequence and at the given times. Each capsule contains 10 radio-opaque markers which do not undergo any changes in the gastro-intestinal tract.

Without any special patient preparation, by means of a single X-ray picture after 7 days it is possible to reconstruct the activity of the colon during this period.

The calculation is made according to Metcalf et al. (Gastroenterology 1987, 92 40-47) and Chaussade (Gastronetérol. Clin. Biol. 1986, 10: 385-389)
Part NumberDescription  
94000001 Colon Transit, 1 strip containing 6 capsules