Cysto Gastro Set 6Fr, 8.5Fr & 10Fr

6Fr, 8.5Fr and 10Fr Cysto Gastro Sets.

Unique 6Fr model - time & cost saving.

One step.

No needle knife.

6Fr benefits
Specifically designed for smaller working channels, the 6Fr Cystotome has a diathermic metal tip on the catheter and one HF connector only. It is advanced over a .035” guide wire to the transgastric or transduodenal wall directly.
Part NumberDescription  
6ABM1564 Cysto-Gastro-Set 6 Fr. Disposable
6ABM1563 Cysto-Gastro-Set 8.5 Fr. Disposable
6ABM1562 Cysto-Gastro-Set 10 Fr. Disposable