Peditrol irrigation system

Peditrolâ„¢ is a unique, highly cost-effective, irrigation system for ureteroscopy. This super sensitive, hands free system providing ultimate pressure and flow control during both rigid and flexible ureteroscopy, consists of a robust foot pedal and a sterile single use disposable pumping unit.

The simple connection of the pumping unit to the foot pedal and fluid supply provides the urologist with a very sensitive system capable of producing a broad range of pressures, thus making both rigid and flexible ureteroscopy and stone treatment much easier.

Flow Control

This revolutionary device is capable of dual flow, i.e. background low intensity flow regulated by hydrostatic pressure (proportionate to the height of the bag with fluid above the patients level), and accelerated flow dependent on force applied by the surgeon to the foot pedal.

Background flow

When the bag containing irrigation fluid is suspended high above the patient's level, there is constant background flow of irrigation fluid through ureteroscope (high hydrostatic pressure). The flow can be further increased by the use of the Peditrol pump. This is especially useful during flexible ureteroscopy when the working channel is often partially obstructed by the laser fibre or basket.

No background flow

When the bag containing irrigation fluid is suspended at the patient's level, there is no background flow of irrigation fluid. The only flow in this configuration will be due to compression of the Peditrol pump (accelerated flow). This is especially useful when approaching an unstable ureteric stone with a rigid ureteroscope as very precise, drop by drop irrigation control can be achieved.

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Part NumberDescription  
00120003 Peditrol Foot Pedal
00120004 Irrigation System for Ureterorenoscopy pk/40